Furnishing Tips For Small Chicago Apartment Rentals

Simply because you live in one of those pint-sized Chicago apartment rentals does not mean you need to give up on those decorating and furnishing ideas. The following tips can help you much if you want to spice up your space in apartments in Chicago Illinois.

Curves. Chicago apartment rentals are generally box-like. This makes adding curves a fun thing to do. Select round tables, chairs that have curves and rugs that are round-shaped or that have dot and spiral patterns.

Rugs. Rugs can help a lot in lightening up a room and make it seem larger. You can make use of bound carpet remnants. Some apartments come with dark (and sometimes even stained) wall-to-wall carpets. What you can do is cover these up with rugs of a lighter hue.

Curtains. You don't have to live with those standard-issue apartment Venetian blinds. Add a touch of drama and create a more comfortable feel with curtains, and consider the tricks you can do with curtains to make your space bigger. Hang them outside the window or even where there are no windows. Hang them floor to ceiling to create height or have them flow from a cornice that hides the curtain rod.

Layers. Contrary to what most people think (and what you might also believe), living in a small rented space does not mean forgoing a bed loaded with linens. You can make a space appear airier and at the same time, give it more depth through adding or layering a stylish mix of linen and pillows that come in different prints and colors. Giving your bed that layered look also makes it look quite comfortable and luxurious.

Scaling. While it is good to use layers, you should also keep in mind that you need to maintain layers in moderate sizes - unless you are trying to make a statement through having dramatic ad overstuffed furniture in Apartments in Chicago Illinois. Keep in mind that the trick is on the scaling. Chicago apartment rentals can appear larger than they actually are through having furniture of the right size.

Seeing clearly. Having Lucite chairs and tables with glass tops can give an impression of openness. These also work well in delivering the function expected of them.
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