The Multi-functional Wonders Of The Steam Shower

Who would ever have thought you would be able to indulge in the very best spa treatments within your own home?

Due to society and today?s hectic lifestyle we are all continually faced with stress, aches, pains or just plain fatigue. In response to this modern day problem, science and ingenuity has brought together a computerised multi-functioning steam shower built within the confines of its own unit. These ergonomically designed, user friendly, attractive, efficient, and affordable, bathing systems are the answer to today?s overstressed lifestyle.
For thousands of years people throughout the world have benefited from the invigorating effects of steam, and the therapeutic effects of massage. Now with the benefit of technology the days are gone where you are just taking a quick bath or shower. It?s all about escaping from the stresses and strains of the day and relaxing in total tranquility.

The steam showers that are now in circulation have been created to make it possible for even the smallest bathroom to have a place for rejuvenation and relaxation. These items of luxury are all built in to self contained units which are simply plumbed in to your hot and cold water and then plugged straight in to your electrical mains supply. They are able to transform any bathroom and are ideal as replacements to existing showers and bathtubs without the additional expense of remodeling.

The Product

Most steam showers are built from acrylic and reinforced with hand laid fiberglass for stiffness and durability, incorporating strong metal framing and tempered glass. Depending on preference you can choose from an abundance of stylish features including whirlpool massage, steam therapy, acupressure body massage jets, chromotherapy lighting and much more. Each steam shower is controlled by a state of the art computerised digital control panel. This also incorporates remote control LCD Televisions, FM radio with station memory, hands free telephone with programmable numbers and additional auxiliary ports for CD players, MP3 players and home stereo?s. All the self contained units are supported by tubular steel undercarriage for strength alongside leveling feet for ease of installation. Each system comes flat packed in four separate packages for ease of transport and to enable easy fitting and installation. Once fully installed the steam showers provides very low maintenance having an Ozone sterilisation system that keeps the unit odourless by eliminating any mold and bacteria that usually forms in and around wet and warm environments. Although the system has this feature it is still advisable to clean with a mild detergent to keep the unit in pristine condition.

Whether you love to indulge in a radiant bath or take an invigorating shower the steam shower and steam shower baths offer an unsurpassed luxury that can be enjoyed within the confines of your own home.