Travertine Tiles ? Simple Yet Stylish

Travertine tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the home and in the garden. With a simpler, stylish, contemporary design travertine tiles are suited to the current theme. With more homes looking to be simple yet stylish many start with these tiles. However there is a vast array of these tiles to choose from and different styles will suit different tastes. This article will look at some of the main styles in order to help you pick the right choice for your home.

Travertine tiles come in very similar formats limestone tiles. Travertine is a unique type of stone and can vary in colour, from ivory to rich browns and golds. These tiles are usually honed and filled as well as tumbled and unfilled in order to give different and desired effects. Travertine tiles have becoming very popular in the UK because of the versatility of use these tiles provide. With new technologies that provide better finished to the tiles enables them to have a better overall appearance. This is a major benefactor that has pushed up the sales of these types of tiles because of the appeal they have to the eye.

Travertine tiles can be used in many different areas of the home. They can be installed in the bathroom floor and wall. This gives off a ?roman bath? impression, which is very popular at the moment, with boosts in the sales of wet rooms. In kitchen these tiles look impressive under spot lights, which have becoming very popular in recent years. The shines these tiles give off enable these new style kitchens to gleam and shimmer. Finally these tiles also work very well in the garden. By being laid in the garden these tiles instantly make your garden appear as if it is in the Mediterranean, and no longer drizzly England. The power these tiles bring adds a whole new style to your garden, creating that simple yet stylish feature, and at the same time are rugged stones which will last many decades.

From this short article it is possible to see that travertine tiles are the new ?in thing? in regards to home improvement. With these new style finishes the tiles give off, gives off clear connotations of wealth. These tiles are also value for money. They are incredibly strong and versatile and are guarantee to last many decades. This is why they are excellent for outdoor use, where they are subject to many different kinds of erosion and abrasive weathers.